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Wascomat On-Premises Laundry Washing Machines continue a long tradition of excellence, design, and quality.

  • 50 standard programs, 15 custom
  • Save up to 50% on water with Automatic Savings (AS)
  • Compass Pro lets you control important functions such as exact water levels, wash times and number of rinses — with a simple turn of the dial
  • Robust door handle — durable in any environment
  • Door unlocks immediately at the end of final cycle — no delays
  • Unique 4-compartment supply dispenser
  • Extended machine life with Super Balance
  • Provisions to connect up to 5 liquid supplies
  • Smart Dosing technology automatically adjusts the ratio of laundry chemicals to water resulting in lower costs, a superior wash, and longer linen life
  • Voice guidance feature (optional)
  • Interchangeable parts from one machine size to another
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Wascomat Commercial On-Premises Laundry Machines for your business’ in-house laundry operation. Combining world-class reliability with innovative features and programmability, Wascomat washers are designed to work as a system with Wascomat dryers. The washer initiates the drying process which means, the higher the G-force, the more water is extracted from the laundry. This speeds up the drying process, saving energy, time, and money.

100 G-Force Extraction

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Perfect Fit
Most sizes available in 220 or 120 volt, single
phase. Now it’s easy to replace old, inefficient
top-load or front-load washers with new
Wascomat equipment.

350 G-Force Extraction

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High Speed Extraction
The perfect balance of speed, performance, and BIG savings. High-speed spin removes more water for faster drying times and better wash performance.

200 G-Force Extraction

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More Choice
With Wascomat Compass Pro you choose the
programs that best suit your needs. Modify
standard wash programs to fid the perfect
balance between low water and energy
consumption — or create your own programs to
meet the specifi needs of your facility

D-Series Dryers

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Faster Drying Using Up to 25% Less Gas
Built to last, Wascomat dryers are precisionengineered for effiency, ease of use, and
superior drying results. Our dryers are 8-12%
larger than competitive models. This allows
for even faster drying using less energy, as
the linens are allowed to expand, providing
more surface area to the heated air. You will
appreciate the “green” engineering, cost savings,
easy operation, and years of low maintenance.

300 & 220 G-Force Extraction

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Big Load Performance
Wascomat WSD Series washers are designed
to handle large commercial-size loads. Higher
G-force means less drying time, so you’ll save big on energy costs. On-premises laundries benefit from a faster throughput — resulting in quick turnarounds and increased productivity.

Featured in properties all over Indiana!