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Every laundry is different and therefore Indiana Laundry is offering an extensive range of commercial laundry equipment to ensure that you can choose the machine that meets your specific needs.

Electrolux Professional boasts first-rate expertise in laundry solutions, backed up by global leadership. Electrolux offers the largest solution and program flexibility on the market. Solutions that provide significant time and money savings in the total process through ‘Excellence inside’ –
intelligent features and unique extras.


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Laundry Equipment

Customers all over the world achieve the highest quality wash results while saving money because Electrolux On-Premises Laundry produces maximum quality at minimum cost for in-house laundry operations.

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Commercial Solutions

Electrolux has researched extensively into how to offer the optimum working environment. From the ergonomic loading and unloading height to the largest doors on the market, our wide range of barrier washers, ironers, washers and dryers will save you time and money.

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Construction Drawings

Indiana Laundry can provide detailed drawings for equipment layout, concept design, sizing requirements, and production flow charts. Please contact us with any questions and we will be happy to help you find your laundry solution.

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Have questions? What is the best fit for my operation? Indiana Laundry has provided thousands of installations all over the Midwest. We can help you achieve a trouble free laundry operation with total package care.

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Indiana Laundry has provided solutions for all types of in house laundries. How can we help you find the best way.