Wascomat On-Premises Laundry Washers come in various extraction speeds ranging from 100 G-force to 450 G-force extraction. They are designed for efficiency, superior wash results, ease of use, and low water and energy consumption. You will see lower utility costs and higher productivity.

Wascomat’s EXSM Washers are designed for efficiency and superior wash results. Precision-engineering reduces downtime and improve machine reliability.
•Heavy-duty construction for demanding applications.
-Fully Programmable Controls
•Efficient frequency-controlled motor reduces peak power demand by 50% for
big energy savings.
-Compass Pro® provides 5 liquid chemical signals.
-Clarus Control® provides 4 liquid chemical signals, expandable to 8 signals.
•Standard 4-compartment supply dispenser for liquid or powder supplies on
65 lb and 80 lb models.

•Built-in diagnostics and statistics